Saturday, January 12, 2008

Another 2 weeks gone.......

Well it's happened again, I've lost another 2 weeks lol. It's like I look up and BAM it's 2-3 weeks later. It's gotten much worse since my doctor took me off my HRT. I hate this feeling and may have to talk to him about going back on it. Maybe.............

We had a good time in Vegas for NYE. Stayed at Red Rock, a gorgeous casino/hotel - but I forgot to take pictures of the casino or room :( Yes I know, I'm a bad bad blogger. What fun is a blog without pics????? I promise I'll do better when we go back in March for the NASCAR races :)

Yep we're going back. Staying at Paris this time and going to the race on Sunday. DH doesn't like the races at all, but the tickets are comped as is the room soooooooo. His DS and BIL will meet us there from Texas, so if we can't get extra tickets DH will be off the hook, SIL and I will go. It will be fun with them and staying on the Strip will be fun also. And maybe this time I can make it to a quilt store that is actually open! We found 2 last time that were closed, I had read so many good things about Quiltville and was sooo excited to go but they were closed. We did find one open but it was only ok. I think I'm spoiled because we have such a great quilt store here.

I'm on a Jelly Roll search, I got this great pattern from Fig Tree at my LQS

But they don't carry very many Jelly Rolls.

We did go see a show while in Vegas, we saw "Le Reve" at Wynn. It was very good, a little odd but that could have been because I never got the "story". I'm sure there was one but I missed it lol! The stage is a big pool of water and they swing high above it.

This is a shot before it started, can't take any pics once it starts. They have fog covering the water. Would have been a really cool shot if this guy would have SAT DOWN! lol

This is the ceiling. It's a really crappy pic but this looked amazing irl. A huge canopy and when the show started they pulled it up and it was very dramatic.

Since the quilt stores were closed we spent HOURS here. This place is HUGE! Mike just wandered and wandered and wandered lol.

See the guy wayyyyyy up there in the black jacket and jeans? That's Mike. He was a little annoyed that I kept trying to get a good picture. I tried taking one while walking and trying to keep up with him, but finally I had to just stop and take a few.

Oh and while we were driving around looking for quilt stores this wonderful woman kept telling me exactly where to turn so I wouldn't get lost. She was sooooo friendly and smart! Mike just fell in love with her ROFL. We rented a Cadillac with navagation and it was soooo cool. So yep, now we are looking at new cars, he wants one that talks to us so we don't get lost.

So we are looking and Cadillac CTS or DTS, a little bubbly Lexus or a BMW X5. The later 2 are little SUV things. And all three talk to you :)
And now it's back to reality lol. And snow............

and cold, really really cold........................

I tried to get a picture of the snow in the backyard last night, it looks so cool out there with the landscape lights on. But it was to cold to actually go out there, so this is from the back door lol

Didn't turn out very well, but trust me there's alot of snow and it looks kewl! :)

Hopefully I'll remember to come back soon!


Red Geranium Cottage said...

Glad your back. I kept checking and you were no where to be found. Glad you had a good time in Vegas. They do have great quilt shops. Sorry they were closed. Hope your feeling better soon. Menopause sucks!!!

PAT said...

I know what you mean about losing days!! I gave up HRT, last Spring, after 9 years. I feel better without it. It's funny/weird how Menopause works different for different women!

We have a huge Bass Pro in Springfield. We always try to stop for breakfast at Hemingway's Bluewater Cafe, when we pass through on our way to Branson. Is there a Hemingway's in the Bass Pro you visited?


cowboyupphotos said...

Hi Terri - I happend upon your blog through a link on the Wandering Quilter blog - are you anywhere near Farmington/Aztec? My mom is up in that area and she is big into quilting now. I enjoyed viewing your blog.