Sunday, January 27, 2008

Note to self......

GET A FLU SHOT ! ! ! ! ! !

Yep I've got the flu. Fever, chills, sweats, headache, body ache, cough and now I"m starting to wheeze. gggggrrrreeeeeaaaaatttttt

So you can bet your sweet a** I'll be in line this fall for a flu shot. Even tho I feel tons better today the wheezing has got me a little worried (not to mention it drives me NUTS, it's like someone is snoring and I can't reach over and shake him to stop lol). So if it gets worse I'll head on over to Urgent Care if not I'll call doc in the morning. ugghhhhhh

ok now on to more interesting things (hopefully my battery will hold on cuz I'm not getting out of bed to go get the cord lol). Since I can't figure out how to respond directly to those of you who leave comments I'm going to take a bit and answer them here. If someone knows a trick for this would you please let me know???

Pat, it's so nice that you came over and left me a comment :) (if anyone wants to visit a great blog head on over to Back Porch Musings she has some awesome photography, the link is on my sidebar, my head hurts to bad to remember how to link here lol) My DH and DS will be so jealous when they find out you live so close to a Bass Pro Shop!! Thank goodness we don't, we'd be there all the time lol. They didn't have a restaurant in the store, but that's probably because it is connected to the Silverton Casino. We didn't go in there so I'm not sure what they had. You were on HRT for 9 years? wow I'm so glad to hear you're doing well without. I think I am to, lol I'll see after this flu is gone.

Cowboyupphoto - HI! So glad you found me! And yes I'm in Farmington. How cool that your Mom lives in the area. I just started quilting 1 year ago and love it, altho I don't seem to get much done lol. Is you mom a member of the guild here? Does she happen to spend much time at the Bernina store? I spend wayyyyy to much time there :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Sharon - since your not on blogger I've got your email so I'll just say that I'm so glad you take the time to stop in now and then, because gawd I don't know how you find the time. You go like crazy :) Oh and those of you reading again, another great blog "Red Geranium Cottage" (again no link here, look on my sidebar lol). She has the most gorgeous quilts. Makes me just drool and drool.

ok battery held out and I'm pooped so time for a nap.


PAT said...

Hope you feel better soon, Terri!

I have something too. It's on the downhill slide now. I don't think mine was as bad as yours. Mainly coughing and a bit of wheezing. I didn't get the achy thing and only had mild chills. I'm thinking I just had a common ordinary cold. That was bad enough! I've never had a flu shot. Jim gets them every year, because he has heart disease. Since I'll be 65 this year I guess that puts me in the elderly category and need to get a flu shot. I sure don't feel elderly, though!!

Thank you for the nice words about the Back Porch!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Hi Terri,
Thanks for the kind words. That's very nice of you. I hope you feel better soon. Might I say..........I DID get my flu shot. LOL!!!! You really should be #1 in line this Fall. RUN!!!! Push people down, just get in line!!!