Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The best thing about it is that we are half way thru February. Then hopefully it'll start warming up alot in March! Now that it's warming up just a tad all the snow is starting to melt and it's one big ole mud pit around here. Not good. And as usual I've lost another 2 weeks. Once I started feeling better I would get out and try to get caught up on errands (grocery shopping, work stuff etc) and then feel bad for 2 days. Ughhhhhh

Today I started back at Weight Watchers. For the 10th time. But this time I'm going to make it work! The leader was very funny and they got kinda off track with lots of advice for great products to try and where to get them. I love these kind of meetings. You find out what tastes good and what to stay away from because it tastes like cardboard lol. So we'll see how I did next Thursday……………..

On the quilting front, I actually worked on Bs rag quilt last weekend. Still lots of squares to cut out and put together, but I'm getting there. Hopefully I'll have enough left to make my Dad a small lap quilt. He has Parkinson's and some of the meds make him cold all the time. I'll work on it this weekend and if it's close I guess I'll just have to go shopping and buy more flannel so I can make him one. What a terrible thing to have to do…………

Ohhhh and this weekend is DAYTONA!!! Whoo hooo!! And Mikey's on the front row!! Double woo hooo!!!! So Sunday afternoon will be spent in front of the monster tv watching the race in High Def. Thank goodness the part came in and they got it repaired yesterday. Everything was green most of the time and if it wasn't green it was pink. Football was really hard to watch, everything looked like grass lol and other teams looked all the same. 73 inches of green. Not good.

Gosh what a bad blog this is today, I have no pictures. My apologies to the 2 of you that read this J

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Anonymous said...

I just read your blog (link from some other site) and thought maybe there are now 3 viewers!
How great that you found quilting!
You will have a lifetime of fun linked with a few frustrating times when you just can't figure out the instructions no matter how many times you read it. Read it again- it will click in.
Your DH is a keeper that's for sure to come home with a 730E. I have a 640 E and love it more every day.
Will be back sometime soon!