Sunday, March 16, 2008

Catching up

Ohhhh myyyyy, it's been an entire month! I'm sure the 2 of you that had been following along have totally give up lol.

Between the flu, a cold that was going around and being very busy with work I just haven't had the time to sit and catch up. But I'm going to sneak in a few today cause I've got pictures!!

First tho, I'm a month into WW and have lost 6.8 lbs. I must finally have my head in the right place because it's been fairly easy this time. And I already feel better, so that's keeping me going also.

We went to Las Vegas the first of March. M had rooms at Paris and Nascar tickets. He doesn't really like Nascar at all, but I love it. In fact it's on right now lol. First up is our room at Paris. This is the view out of our window. We had a fantastic view of the Bellagio fountains, didn't get any good pics of them tho.

This is our room, aren't the headboards the coolest????

The bathroom was nice, but not spectacular. Red Rock has great bathrooms. The first night we ate at the upscale steakhouse in Paris. We were seated upstairs. Here are a couple of shots of the restaurant.

Saturday we went to Bass Pro Shop (again) and I went to a quilt store, Quiltique. It was a great store and worth going to if you're in Vegas. I only bought a couple of patterns tho. I was mostly looking for Moda Daydreams jellyrolls and they didn't have any of that line in. Then we strolled up and down the strip and of course I forgot my camera.

Sunday was spent at the track. OMG can you say WAYYYYY to many people? It was crazy! But a blast! Here are a few pics from there.

Then Monday it was back home. Oh yeah, Monday was also our 29th anniversary. Geez we are old……..

This is part of the Grand Canyon from the plane

I did manage to come home with $150 more than I went with, so that always good. But the best is I get to go back in May to see Cher opening weekend. I'm SOOOO excited about that! Then hopefully this summer I'll get to go see Bette Midler also.

Last week a friend and I went up to Durango Colorado to go to Linens N Things and their quilt shop and this was in the road……

Thankfully it didn't hit anyone when it fell. There were several other rocks but I was driving and trying to take pics at the same time. It's a wonder I didn't go off the side of the mountain lol. In the crooked picture you can see the ladder they used to climb up on top. This rock was HUGE I tell ya!

Then here is my little monster…….

Sweet huh?

NOT, she won't quit digging in my flower bed and chewing my shrubs. They never will grow at this rate.

Hopefully it won't be another month before I'm back……………….

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