Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's done!

The top from my last post is almost done. I've got the piecing finished and need to add borders now. These things are like wrestling a bear. I have nooooo idea how I'm ever going to do a king size...........................

I fell in love with this last summer when I saw it on , Judy designs quilts for her "quilt for an hour" blog posts. I didn't really follow the timeline because I don't really have an hour each and everyday to sew. She just got thru with a star quilt design that I liked also. I've realized that I SO need to work on my accuracy. omg some seams were a very scant 1/4 and some were damn near 1/2" I think!!! And having a Bernina with a 9mm seam doesn't make accurate piecing any easier. But hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon.

I love black and white. I may do another with hot pink or maybe lime green. But yikes first I've got to get the borders on this one and get it quilted. nnnooooottttt looking forward to quilting it! But for only my 3rd completed quilt I think I did pretty darn good ;)

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JudyL said...

You may be able to get a foot for your Bernina that helps with the accuracy. I have an old Bernina and my seam allowances were always just a tad larger than 1/4" but I bought a foot . . #57 and it really helps me a lot. Love the quilt! Thanks for doing it and thanks for the link.