Saturday, August 11, 2007

Day 2 and still going........

I've just spent the last 2 hours lost in blog land when I should be cleaning up the kitchen. Some very interesting people out there, and the cool things they do on their blogs. I did come across the blog for dummies and can't wait to read thru it and learn how to make my blog page pretty also.

I also came across Marilyn's blog (I would post a link to it but don't know how just yet!) and she lost her beloved Keesha dog. So sad....... My oldest dog, Cinamon, is starting to really slow down and I don't want to think about having to make that decision. They are like my kids, only without the back talk.

I went collecting paint chips today, I'm thinking green that is just a tad on the limey side. Not sure yet tho. I also measured DS's room and got it down on graph paper. Figured out a sleeper sofa will not fit with all the other stuff that has to go in there. DS was so upset, he acts like he won't have a room at all to come back to. All I'm doing is putting his things back in the room that was his for the past 9 years! He switched to his sister's room when she got an apartment at college and took most of her things. He does tend to panic if things happen out of order or if they're not on his list, and moving rooms is definitely NOT on his list. Gotta love him, especially since I can't shoot him :)
Here is a picture of the quilt I made for my parent's 50th Anniversary

My mom was excited. My Grandmother, her mother, tried to show us how to quilt when we were young but no of us seemed to want to learn. My cousin Robbie, who is several years younger than me, has been quilting for quite a few years now and now that I'm 47 I'm learning. Better late than never I guess.
It's "square in squares" pattern. Very easy to do and looks good. Then I meandered the quilting around the pictures. Printing the pictures was a breeze with the new paper/fabric they have out. It's good quality fabric laminated onto either a paper or plastic backing. You run it through your ink jet printer, let dry for a couple of minutes and peel off, then cut to size. The Electric Quilt brand on the plastic type backing was much easier to peel off.
I'm proud of the job I did, especially considering it's only my 2nd quilt.
I'll be glad when I get my room remodeled and moved into so I can start working on my projects again. Running a business out of our home, taking up this hobby and living with a packrat husband sure makes for lots of "stuff". It's "driving me crazie" !! Gotta get some organization going somewhere. I'm going to put in a closet system from like we did in our master closet. That makes all the difference. I actually like going into my closet now lol. Only this one will be shelves on 2 walls and 1 wall of double hanging. Then I'm trying to decide between laminate wood floor or engineered wood. I'm leaning toward the laminate, mostly because it sounds like I can do it myself.

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Marilyn said...

Terri, I'm so excited that you started blogging! I don't post much but it's a way to stay in touch with all the 'girls' that I've gotten to know through the decorating groups I've been on.

Your quilt is just beautiful. I'm so proud of you for learning to quilt. It's so much fun and sure does make you feel like you've accomplished something when you're finished.

Thank you so much for the sentiments about Keesha. Boy it's been hard this whole week. And now this weekend we've been prepping for painting our carport and sheds and she was always hanging around us when we worked outside....just hard. Thanks again, so much.
I'll definitely be visiting your blog often....keep in touch.