Monday, August 20, 2007

Quilting to-do list

Well so far I'm doing a bang up job and blogging lol. Oh well, this obviously won't be one those blogs that is updated each and every day like some out there :)
B left for his second year of college on Friday morning. He stayed here at the local JUCO the first semester and went to Orem Utah his second semester (followed his girlfriend). He loved Utah but he and gf broke up at the end of the semester. They had dated through most of high school, it's to bad she is a nice girl. But they both needed to experience life and all it has to offer. Who knows if they will find their way back to one another some day..........
His leaving this time was a bit harder, last time I knew who he would be with most of the time (try 90%!!), but this time he'll be doing the traditional college "thang". Scarey for a mom!
M also left Friday for a golf weekend and then to Colorado to work, so it's been a very quiet weekend so far. I had plans to immediately start working on B's room to change it to the office/sewing room, but I haven't yet. Typical procrastinator!
Now for the important part...... quilting! Here is a picture if one of the first 2 quilts I've done. I did this I Spy for my great-nephew Aiden at the same time I was working on my parents anniversary quilt.

I'm going to get started on one for our friends little boy for Chirstmas with the scraps. I've got most of it laid out on B's bed now and will start putting it together tonight. Not sure what I'll use for the back of his, not the Baby Genius since he's almost 5. Something buggy or tractors maybe? Should go pretty quickly and be on thing done for Chirstmas!
Then I've got a B's to work on, it's a flannel rag quilt that I had started very early on (read: BEFORE I knew squat about batting!) and I need to take apart what I've done and put good batting in it. After learning about it I don't want cheap wally-world poly batting with $9/yd Moda flannel! I'll save that batting for the potholders I'd like to make to put with Christmas. It's not that I mind cheap at all! I just like the feel of the Warm and Natural now, so I'll change it all out.
I've also found a cool pattern for a quilt for J for Christmas. Then I'd also like to machine embroider towels and make the nieces towel wraps for Christmas and I've got a friend whose baby is due in December and want to make burps for........ geez why do I always have to bite off so much?????? hmmmmm but after 47 years I don't think it's gonna change. I could probably get it all done tho if I would stay OFF the computer :)........................


Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Those are beautiful quilts! :) I envy your abilities. Hugs - Megan

Marilyn said...

You're just moving right along on your quilting....I'm so proud of you!
I agree about the batting. I've been buying the cotton batting at JoAnn's. I pick it up when it's 40% off. It's thinner than I like but very easy to quilt.