Thursday, August 9, 2007

First Blog, First Post

hmmmm well I've succumbed to the blogging frenzy. For the longest time I wouldn't even look at them, "what???? who cares what I've been up to????" Well I care I've decided. This is for me. But.............if anyone else finds it interesting and maybe a little funy, then I'm glad I could bring a smile to your day. I've found the quilting blogs so interesting and inspiring. Mine won't be very inspiring I'm sure since I've just started and only completed 2 quilts so far. But I'll get there. I'll post about them in the next couple of days.

The name of my blog came from a couple of thoughts, first I love the movie "Driving Miss Daisy" (or maybe I love the Krispy Kreme connection???), and secondly I just spent 10 hours in the car with my 19 year old son driving back from Texas. He nagged (and not nicely) at me the entire day. Well actually the entire week we were in Texas. I have no driving skills at all according to him. How did I manage to make it to 47 (well in a couple of weeks any way) driving this way???? He can't believe I haven't killed myself and countless others.

ahhhh it's so nice to be back home and out of the car and to have him at the golf course and not here continually nagging at me. Even tho I will miss him terribly when he leaves for his 2nd year of college next week. At least until I start turning his room into my new sewing / quilting room :-) hehe

Texas is great. Sometimes I wish we could move back. Until I spend a week there. In the heat and humidity. And that's just in West Texas, I don't even go to the really humid part of Texas!! :) We have the bestest weather here in north west New Mexico, not usually to hot and the evenings and nights cool down and the mornings are the best. Crisp cool clean -- wonderful! Not to mention, no tornadoes or hail storms. Altho we have had wind and mini-dirt storms the past few years.

Tomorrow is laundry and then off to start collecting paint chips for my new room.

Well for someone who didn't think they would have much to say I managed quite the post didn't I? lol


Marilyn said...

I had to comment here, too! No tornadoes, no hail and not 'too' I didn't come from Texas but I came from Western Kansas and I hear ya, girl. That's why I stay right here in little old Aztec. I'm not going anywhere soon and definitely not to Kansas, Oklahoma or Texas. I was in Kansas when the tornado hit Greensburg. I was in Garden City which is only 90 miles away and that just reminded me why I live here and not there...

Again, great to see your blog!!!

Lynn said...

Your blog is off to a great start, Miss Crazie. I chuckled all the way through your tale of driving home. Oh, how I remember the teenagers. It's been a long while since my "baby" is now 36. I'll be back to read more.