Friday, September 28, 2007

Still more dust, dirt and noise

sighhhhhh I don't think this will ever end............

They were supposed to be finished with phase 1 of the remodel last Friday. Here it is Friday a week later and there is still a huge mess. He said they would be done today, but there is no way. In all fairness tho they did run into several "problems" and I have added a couple of things to the list. Like putting up crown molding in my office/sewing room. They are 80% done and it looks awesome. I think when they do the kitchen I'm going to have them add it to the rest of the house. I'll try and take some pics this weekend and put them up. It is looking pretty good.

But omg I'm tired of the mess. And I want to SEW!!!!! I want my room put together and I want to get out my Bernina dang it!!! :( Maybe tomorrow.........

I did manage to go spend a couple hundred dollars at my Bernina shop this morning tho :) I got the Bernina 75th Anniversay embroidery CD, a tube of AquaMesh Plus, several spools of thread, 3 Christmas fabrics for J and a couple more for me. The first thing I think I'll work on is stitching out "Going in Circles" that we just finished up in the Designer+ class. It's placemats that we digitized the designs ourselves. It was fun and I can't wait to see how they turn out.

Then I need to get our logo stitched out, I think I finally figured out how to digitize it. But I'll have to wait until I stitch it out to say for sure lol. Then there are a couple of Christmast gifts I need to get a move on and get started so hopefully I'll have them done by Christmas. Then I want to do a quilt I saw on . She gave directions for a fabulous black/white/brights quilt back in the summer and I can't wait to do it.

Then there is the remodel...... they are supposed to come to the back patio cover in about 30 days, we'll see lol. Then I think I'm going to put the kitchen part on hold for a few weeks, DH keeps changing and making it bigger and bigger. The first thing we need to do is make sure we want to stay here for lots more years before we spend that much on it. I mean yikes, he's now putting in a convection oven (geez I have NO idea what I'm supposed to cook in it!!), a 6 burner gas professional cooktop (I prefer electric and who needs 6 burners for hamburger helper????) and who knows what else is in his head. So if he does that, those pieces are stainless. My fridge and dw are white........ I'm sure you see where this is heading lol. No way am I having stainless and white appliances! Then the stainless will look awful with my pickle finish cabinets and if we're doing this much "might as well" do granite.

It will never end.......................

But it will be nice to have an up-to-date looking house.

Now for something less stressful. Fall is in the air here. I love this time of year. The colors are just amazing. It was 39 degrees 2 mornings ago and I actually saw a couple of cars that had scraped the frost off their back window. So maybe before I do my placemats I'll do an autumn wall-hanging for my new room.

omg I'm SO ADD. Maybe I'll go sit outside instead.

Where there is no drywall dust

or nail gun going off

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