Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where were you?

9/11 . . . . . what a sad day. I remember what I was wearing and the feeling that morning. J had just started her first year of college and was in Lubbock Texas and M was in Midland Texas for business meetings. So it was just me and B at home that morning. I got up a little before 7 and went and started waking B up for school, came down and turned on the TV. It was on NBC and Katie Couric was on altho at that moment I didn't pay much attention to what was going on. I went in the bedroom and got my slippers on and just as I came back thru the family room I looked at the TV and it seemed as if in slow motion I saw the 2nd plane hit. I know it wasn't in slow motion because it was happening live, but it was, and still is, so surreal.

I sat down and just stared at the tv. As they continued to broadcast and I learned about what had happened with the 1st plane all I could think of was to get J on the phone. But of course that wasn't happening, all circuits were bogged down. I finally got hold of her around noon, finally. Didn't talk to M until that evening. His sister's DH was in upstate NY for business that day, he got home only 1 day late. Sending B to catch the bus that morning was sooooo hard. I wanted both my kids at home where I could protect them. And hug them.

Now here it is 6 years later and we are still fighting this monster. And sadly I don't think we've learned from this. The politicians are still fighting between themselves, more than ever. I get so tired of it all. Each one thinks they would have done things so differently and that Bush did it so badly. Do I support Bush? YES Do I think he's made mistakes? YES -- who hasn't?????? Do I think the attacks were a US government conspiracy NO NO and NO

In my opinion that is total bull!!!! Why would someone do this to their own country? It just makes no sense. Republican or Democrat or Libertarian, it makes no sense.

To bad they won't have the chance to walk in his shoes and see what they would have done differently. It's easy to "say" but harder to "do".

ok off my soapbox, this day should not be about the politicians but about the heros that gave their life so that we can bitch about the politicians and so they can talk crap constantly :)
Pray for the men and women serving in the Armed Forces.

Now to lighter things.......

I haven't touched my Bernina, except to pack it up, in weeks. I'm so not going to get all the things done for Christmas that I had planned. What else is new lol? My house is a disaster right now, they started laying the wood laminate floor today. Should finish up most of it tomorrow and start the pantry reno. It will be so nice to not have the nasty carpet anymore. Altho for white berber it has done remarkably well for the last 10 years. Between 2 kids who don't understand the concept of picking up after themselves and 3 dogs it looked pretty darn good.

Still glad it's gone tho..................

So tomorrow afternoon I'll be able to start putting the office/sewing room back together. Except I haven't painted yet. I bought paint, but after splotching it on the wall I don't like it. It's called Moose Mousse and it's a very pretty brown, but I want green. I keep trying to talk myself out of it, as does my MIL, because I should do something a little more pratical and resaleable. But I still want green! So when I find my paint chips I'm going to get green. I want lime green walls! Practicality and resale be damned! hehe M will bitch about it, but oh well....... again, what else is new?

I did work on my Designer Plus software today, I might actually be getting the hang of it! We'll see when I try to stitch them out lol. This digitizing stuff is hard, but fun. And like someone in my software class said, you shouldn't be intimidated by something you can pick up and throw out the window!

And maybe in the morning I'll try to learn how to make my blog jazzier. I see some really neat ones but I have no idea how to do it. I can't even get my links to other blogs to work! If someone happens to read this (and make it to the end of this ramble) and has a site or book recommendation on blogging I'd love to hear it.

Night all!

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