Wednesday, October 10, 2007

ahhhhh they're gone :)

The guys working on my pantry and floor redo are gone! wooo hooo!!! They are the nicest guys but man I'm glad they are done with this phase. Here is a pic of the floor, it's looks good but I can't seem to get it clean. It's always dull looking. But that could be from the drywall dust / shop vac mishap lol.

then here is the pantry, it's HUGE and I love it!

I need to go grocery shopping to fill it up now lol.
And I'm starting to gather ideas for the main kitchen redo DH wants to do. The little pantry redo droze me crazy, I don't know how I'm going to make it thru a big remodel...................
oh well at least this time I know to buy lots and lots of those cheap plastic paint drop cloth things to cover EVERYTHING. At least I learned to be more prepared.
I've been working on getting my office / sewing room back in order. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have my machine set up and can actually sew something. The first thing I want to do is stitch out our logo. Hopefully I've got it digitized correctly this time and can put it on a few shirts for us all. I would have never dreamed I would like machine embroidery as much as I am. There are sooooo many cute designs out there. And maybe someday I'll learn the ins and outs of making my own.
I wish Jennifer lived closer so she could learn it also. She is so crafty and creative. And she's starting her own little boutique! Check out her etsy store here
And she is also working on her own website. She amazes me. She is so talented and creative and smart too! Not to mention beautiful :) I'll have to find her wedding picture and post it, maybe this weekend.

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Marilyn said...

Terri, your floor looks awesome and I especially love that pantry door.
It rained very hard for about 10 minutes over here. Wish it would've rained all day!!!!
The squirrel left but now he's back again and in our big cottonwood tree. He's just so annoying!!

I'm glad to see you're loving your sewing!!! I'm so jealous that you have a sewing machine that can do the embroidery. I still just have my old Brother sewing machine. I haven't been quilting lately, I've been knitting but after my company leaves in a couple of weeks, I'll be cutting out another quilt. I can't wait!
Take care.