Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Eve!

Well it's finally here, the big night. I really miss having little ones around and all the excitement that comes with it this time of year. Maybe that's what part of my problem is right now, my kiddos are all grown up and adult like now. The dogs, altho they act like 2 year olds, just don't "get" the Santa thang lol.

One thing is for sure, I'm not EVER going to not put up a tree again. I was ok with it until last night. It's just way to blahhhhh around here.

Ok here are a couple of things I made for gifts this year.......

You've seen the gift card holders below and then I did a couple of sets of these trivets.

This one is for my Mom

This one is for our friend Lois

Her's didn't show up nearly as well, not enough contrast in the fabrics.

Then here is a big jar shirt I appliqued for her son

Cute huh? It was a little tricky but turned out great.

ok so now it's time to get supper ready. We ALWAYS have tamales on Christmas Eve. So tonight it's homemade tamales (ROFL NOOOOO not by me), queso dip, spanish rice, chalupas and I'll try to get the coconut cream pie done that I forgot to do this afternoon.

Then tomorrow it's ham, sweet potatos, green bean casserole (yeah DH feels the same way yuckkkkk) and brocolli (or however the heck you spell it). Then for sure the coconut pie and my Mom's famous lemon pie.

Merry Christmas to everyone! And I hope no one gets lumps of coal in their stocking!!

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