Monday, December 10, 2007

Jazz up Gift Cards

Omgosh Christmas is heading full blast towards me. Just one little teeny problem, there is no way I'll be ready before Valentines Day………………

Yikes, oh well I'll just plod along and hope for the best. For the past several years DSILs and I have decided to give the kids gift cards since they are to big for toys and since they are all spoiled just a tad and want more expensive things. Then last year we decided good ole cash was the way to go. That way they can combine it all and get the video game or cd or whateva. But I hate just putting a check in an envelope and mailing it. Let's face it, opening an envelope on Christmas morning just doesn't have the same charge as a wrapped box. So at class (Bernina Designer Plus V5) a couple of weeks ago we got a handout for little gift card holders. Looked fairly simple……………………..

And they were

After about the 3rd one! But then I've got menopause-mush-brain right now. But they are kinda cute so onward I trudged.

Here they are just out of the hoop

And a close up – I made snowflakes with the girls names

The boys are getting cutie-patootie snowmen

Here is the backside while in the hoop – while be the inside after folding

**note the obviously NON Christmas fabric on the middle one????? My MIL and FIL's have this inside. We give them cash each year.

Guess where they go with it???????

Here is the finished holder

The straight pins are in there because I still need to go get some Velcro to hold then closed. I'll put just a tiny little piece, just enough to hold it closed.

Cute eh?

Then here they are as they will be opened up to insert/remove the gift card/cash/check

These were fun, but man did I ever spend way to much time on them. I've spent the last week and a half on them, from the digitizing to the stitch out. But it's way cool to actually have something finished that I did from the very beginning. I might actually figure out this digitizing yet J

The next thing on my list is towel wraps. There is the cutest design on the Bernina 75th Anniversary collection that I want to use. Hopefully they will go together quickly. Then kitchen towels and potholders for a friend. Ughhhhh Valentines Day may come to soon also! Plus I still don't have my tree up, much less all the other decorations I have in storage. I didn't think I wanted to put up a tree, but the closer it gets and the more I see everyone else's I'm finally getting in the spirit. It will only be a tree this year, no villages or other stuff and the tree will most likely be a 4 ½' but that mainly so I can get it away from the taz puppy. She'll eat anything……..

I hope everyone is safe tonight and that if you are in the path of a storm please be careful.


Red Geranium Cottage said...

Those gift card holders are adorable. I love them!!! That snowman is so cute.

phins_jazy said...

lovely gift card holders. I'm bound and determine to learn how to digitize now. :)