Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I finally got my Christmas packages mailed late yesterday afternoon! Nothing like waiting till the last minute. I had a few handmade things that I was just taking forever to finish up. But they did turn out cute, and you'll just have to take my word on that for right now lol. I'll post a pic of some of it in a while, DH is on the other computer and of course that's where the pictures are. But I do have other pics to share......

I went to my first cookie exchange party last week. Such gooooood cookies! And presentation was a big part, altho I didn't realize it, but you just wait till next year! I'll be more prepared. Here are the cookies I made, they are Chocolate Krinkles. Taste just like little brownies

And here is my presentation at the party.

Notice the wonderfully creative blue/penguin Press-n-Seal????????

Here is another of the tables, isn't the cookie boquet cute?

This won Best of Show, we think she cheated............

First place is the botttom corner, it's not a very good picture, hopefully I've got a better one on the other computer. She hand painted 2 goblets and arranged the cookies in them. It was so pretty irl

more pictures to follow later :)


phins_jazy said...

Mmmmmmm! Now I'm hungry. lol

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Those cookies look sooooo good. I'm out but don't want to make more. We'll just eat them!!

Rose said...

Yum! Your chocolate krinkles look yummy! I sense a competitive spirit in you, Terri - the other ladies will surely have some serious competition to contend with next year!

PS. No tree here either; all I could manage timewise this year was the advent candles and the nativity set. Gonna be easy to put it "all" away - whee!