Thursday, November 8, 2007


Well no sewing for me the last couple of days. Remember how I talked about the other .2% of being self-employed? Well the last couple of days have been that .2%. I've spent them writing chapters for our safety manual. NOT FUN! I'm about ready to fire myself and find a better paying job. The only problem with that is it won't be a better "playing" job. So I guess I better suck it up and finish that last chapter on trenching/shoring/excavation. WTF???? What do I know from trenching???? But I did manage to come up with 5 pages about ladder safety. I can't believe it took FIVE pages to tell how to safely climb up a ladder. I can't wait to see how many pages it will take to tell how to safely t/s/e!

So since I have no sewing pictures to show I'll bore you with my little baby, Molly J

Isn't she just the cutest???? Mike has started a really really bad habit of giving her bites to eat after he's done. Last night I was so burnt we had burger and he got a vanilla milkshake. Molly loved it……

I was so afraid she was going to get stuck like that. But not afraid as I was that she was going to be sick all night.

In my bed……..

All poor Jack got was the straw lol

When we tried to take it from him he tried to eat it! By the time we caught him there was only 2" of it sticking out for us to grab.

Stupid dog.

Which reminds me of the country song "Stupid Boy" (which I don't really like), and that brings up the CMA awards last night (WHO invited Kid Rock???), and that brings up Carrie Underwood and my fav song of the moment "Before He Cheats". Oh yeah I love it! I hope M was paying attention while she was singing it, I'm sure he was……………………………..

To her bod!!!! He better watch out or I'll take a Louisville Slugger to both headlights J

Ok I'm done for the night, can you believe my finger are sore from all the typing I've done???? Man am I out of shape (omg you all have no idea how funny that is!). But at least I can still type pretty darn fast.

One last picture of my Molly……

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