Saturday, November 10, 2007

I'm sewing!

Wooo hooo I'm actually sewing! I'm working on a rag quilt for a Christmas gift. It's all Moda flannels. I love Moda. I could do Moda forever and not run out of great fabric collections that I love. Here's a close up of a few of the fabrics. More pics when I get it laid out.

It's all outdoorsy stuff.

oh and don't ya just love my window treatments?? The girls at Passionista's Dec Board will be so proud :) Just so you know I've got cellular blinds ordered. Hopefully they'll be here before Jennifer and Tim get here for Thanksgiving since this is the room they'll stay in. I'll close up my sewing cabinet and move stuff out of the way so the 2 of them and our "granddogs" will have room.

I could just throw all of this flannel on the floor and roll around in it. It feels soooo good and I haven't even washed it yet. I may have to keep it after it's washed. hehe

Back to the machine now, I may be back later.........


Amanda said...

I love your blog!

I love the idea of flannel rag quilts for Christmas presents. I am trying to figure out something to make that wouldn't involve my best friend using her longarm quilting machine, and me having to pay her! Shhhh.. don't tell her I said that! It's either rag quilts or quillows (quilts that fold into a pocket then it looks like a pillow).

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I made that same rag quilt for my father in law a couple years ago out of the same fabric. How funny!!! He loved it!!!!