Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Another project complete

Another little wall hanging done. I'm just loving these little things! I'm all about instant gratification, and as quilting goes a 1 1/2 day project is as instant as you'll get from me lol.

This one is for my good friend for her birthday next weekend. I won a ton (well ok 63 to be exact) fat quarters on the HGTV board and she loved this one. Then I was looking thru the OESD packs when they were BOGOF and saw this new one and new exactly what to do. I'm sure she'll love it.

I just gotta make sure she opens it before we open that 2nd bottle of wine.........

Marilyn at Ivy and Lace Cottage has tagged me for the 4 Things about Meme.

MY FIRST TAG!! woo hooo lol

Yes, I'm a dork. . . . . . .

First let me tell you a little about how I met Marilyn. We "met" years ago over at a decorating board and then found out we live 12 miles from one another. We've never met IRL, but came close one time at Target lol. Someday we should do lunch. I'm always up for lunch.

ok onto the tag...... (I have no idea what I'm doing here lol)

4 jobs I've had

I do the books and general office/grunt work for our business we started 2 years ago. LOVE working from home, hate all the "stuff" we have to have around
CSR in the Commercial Dept of an insurance agency (toooo much stress)
Bookkeeper for several small businesses over the years
Mom and wife (altho those should count as 50 jobs lol)

4 films I could watch over and over

Gone With the Wind
Steel Magnolias (except I start crying from the get go now)
Mrs Doubtfire
Pretty Woman

4 TV shows I watch

2 1/2 Men
CSI (only the original, can't stand the others)
Criminal Minds
Without a Trace
ok so that's 5 - this one could go on and on - I love TV lol

4 favourite foods

white birthday cake with buttercream icing
pot roast
sweet potatoes
peach cobbler

4 favourite colors

gold (noooo not the 18k kind lol, I prefer platinum)
dark red
lime green

4 places I would like to be right now

going down a fall leaf covered country road in New England in a horse drawn wagon
the mountains in a log cabin with a roaring fire a tv and my sewing machine and a light snow
a cruise

4 names I love but would/could not use on my children

Chelsea ( dh hated it, thought it was to much of a mouthful since our last name starts with "Sh")
Molly - named my dog that instead :)
Ariel - to dorky now that it's a mermaid name
Alec - thank you Mr Baldwin

4 people I'd love to tag

ROFL I really don't have 4 people yet that I feel I could tag, give me a couple of weeks......

That was fun! Thanks Marilyn!

Now gotta go get ready for my channel flipping between House and Dancing with the Stars! Why do they always have to put the good stuff opposite each other??????

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Marilyn said...

Glad you put your 4 Things About Meme on your blog!!! I watch more than the 4 shows I listed, too. I love House and I also love Bones.
Thanks for participating, it sure made it easy on me!!!