Saturday, October 20, 2007

Project complete

Finally! I actually got something finished, and before the deadline. It's a candlemat swap for an online group I belong to. They decided to make this one a winter theme so we could display them longer. Here it is.....

ok darn it, blogger won't let me add a pic and I don't have time or patience to figure out why right now. I'll try to add it later.

And then I made a to-do list of the things I want to get done for Christmas. omg there is NOOOOO way. I'm way to slow lol. Between Christmas, birthdays and baby gifts I've got 15 things to make. And that's not even counting the sweatshirts I want to do for myself for Christmas and Thanksgiving. ughhhh why do I do this????

But I'm having a blast learning how to machine embroidery and digitize my own stuff with the Bernina Designer Plus software. Somedays my brain hurts after class from all there is to learn. But it's fun. Machine embroidery designs are so cute and so fun to add to things. And fairly instant gratification, which I'm all about.

I'm going to work on a couple more mine-wallhangings tonight. The weather is to nasty to go anywhere. It's gotten cold again and the wind is blowing so hard. It was a nice day, mid 70s, and now this is blowing in it will barely get into the 50s tomorrow. I don't like this weather, but what really worries me is what this does once it gets to the midwest and east. It gets really ugly then.

I'll try to post pics soon, it's so cute I know all 2 of you are just dying to see what I did!!!! :)

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Marilyn said...

Terri, I'm so glad you are enjoying your Bernina so much. How awesome to be able to do machine embroidery. I'd love it but as you see I've been knitting instead of

The weather was dreadful last night. We sat out during the late afternoon and got the kerosene heater going on the porch. It was still around 70 degrees but cloudy and dreary looking and the wind had a real chill to it. We just wanted to get the heater ready for some Fall porch sitting and entertaining. But last night the wind ran us into the Good old New Mexico! lol