Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Doggie ER

ok a little disclaimer here . . . . . if you aren't a dog person you might want to skip this one :) We are big dog people and this will probably nauseate you if you aren't lol.

Mike got home Saturday from being out of town for 10 days and Molly was sooooo happy so see him. She layed around with him Saturday evening and cleaned his ice cream bowl. Then Sunday afternoon he said she wasn't feeling very well. I laughed and told him she was just being a baby now that he was home and wanted him to sit and hold her. But she was very ill. Throwing up, bloody stools and major dehydration. Thank goodness for a kind Vet on call Sunday night. They pumped her full of fluids gave her an anti-nausea shot and antibiotic shot. Today she is back to her little tasmanian devil self.

Good grief, you would have thought one of my kids was sick. I was in a panic! But what the heck, she likes me better than my kids do most days.............

So today I hope to get back to sewing. I spent a fortune on embroidery packs and thread yesterday, but hey I had to! It was all 30% off!!!! Just look at the money I saved! They weather is nasty for the next 2 days, wind blowing 45-50 mph and rainy and cold. I love fall but I'm sure not ready for winter.

Or for that matter Christmas. Do you know it's only 68 days 11 hours and 58 minutes until the big day? ughhhhh I hate when people do that. Like I need a reminder about how far behind I am already. I need to put organizational skills on my wish list. I used to be organized. I used to have a clean house.

Then I had kids.......... Well and in all fairness a husband that is even worse. HE is a huge packrat. Doesn't want to throw anything out! I mean really huge!!! We got to go to Charlotte for the Coca-Cola 600 Nascar race several years ago. Now for the record I'm the race fan, not him. He doesn't like it at all. To damn boring watching those cars just go round and round and round and round............

But we went anyway. Came home with all sorts of souveniers. Your usual tshirts, Dale Earnhardt cooler (he died the next season). You know the usual stuff. But wait! there's more........

We also had to bring home EMPTY water bottles because they had a Nascar label. Yep plain ole water bottles like you pay 1.49 for at a convenience store, but we paid like $12 a bottle and had to bring them home. I still have 2 in a cabinet. Empty.

Then there is the ceiling fan in my new sewing room........

When we moved in this house 10 years ago we put a remote control ceiling fan in this room which was Jennifer's room. Then when she left for her 2nd year of college Bryan moved into it. So this remote has been thru 2 kids, one of them is not very gentle. Gotta do everything hard as you can. Which means the buttons were shot and we couldn't turn the fan or light on or off. So he took the fan apart, took the remote control out and rewired the fan so that the switches would control it. Now mind you the remote part is OLD and the buttons don't work!!!! But he refused to throw it out. I had it in the trash can and he took it out and hid it from me in the garage!! "Someday" he'll fix it. omggggggggg it wil never happen because "someday" is his golf day. Everytime "someday" rolls around he's playing golf.

He's driving me nuts......... and it's not a very long drive as it is.

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