Friday, October 12, 2007

Heeeere's Molly

Here's my little terror, errr I mean cutie pie lol, Molly. She's a 2 years old Jack Russel, yep that means the terrible 2s!!! She loves to get under the cushion and just roll around. She can entertain herself for an entire 3 minutes this way. Much like a human 2 year old. Acutally she's very good, she can play by herself in her bed or with a blanket for a long time. She just rolls around and growls and barks and has a great time.

We also have 2 other dogs, a mixed 14 yo dog (who can't stand the other 2) and a 5 yo male JR. He's not so good....................

Barks like a banshee, won't stop. Makes you want to pull your hair out, or rip his head off. My neighbors love us. And for more reasons than just the dog :) hehe another story for another day........

I've almost got my office/sewing room back together. I got my Bernina out of Bryan's bathtub, let's see how long it takes him to notice he can now use it. I'm betting it will take a while. He's not real big on hygene right now. I think he likes going around all greasy from working in the oilfield, makes him look "tough" and grown up rofl. Whatever ---- he just looks dirty to me. Maybe he'll find a girlfriend soon, then I'll never get him out of the shower.

Why did I have it in the bathtub to begin with you ask???? Doesn't sound like the best place for a high dollar sewing machine now does it???? LOL Well when this madness started Bryan was at college and no one was using that bathroom. So I thought that would be about the safest place for it. I had to put it somewhere that Jack (the "other" dog) couldn't get to it. Oh did I mention he likes to pee on everything? I mean EVERYTHING!!!! If we bring anything new into this house he has to mark it. Even grocery bags. Even BEFORE I get the groceries out of them.

Like I said, makes you want to rip his head off.......................

Tomorrow is a class at my Bernina dealer, an OESD rep will be doing a Embroidery ER class. Should be good. Hopefully I'll remember what I learn.

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